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CrossFit Training and Strength

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The whole concept behind CrossFit is variation and high intensity. If your body has to endure constant variation with strength related exercises performed at a high intensity, it doesn’t get the chance to learn or adapt which will erode the athlete’s performance and overall condition over time.


Developing strength and some muscle mass has always been a core part of the CrossFit philosophy and it makes sense. Exercising with higher muscle mass inevitably makes the body work harder. People trying to lose weight have often reported that some strength training introduced to purely aerobic exercise such as running greatly accelerated their results. Read the rest of this entry »

Women and CrossFit

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You hear a lot of hype around CrossFit and how it has changed various people’s approach to exercise and how it has had such a positive impact on their life, but rarely are these stories about women. This article examines the possible benefits that CrossFit could deliver to the female participant and whether the CrossFit program has any real advantage, or disadvantage to any other exercise framework.

Sydney CrossFit gym, CrossFit 2010 actively targets females in their marketing campaigns and boasts a 50% female membership, which is rare for any box. So why would women looking to change their exercise strategy, or commence a new regime consider CrossFit?
Here are some of the reasons why you should consider CrossFit if you are a woman: Read the rest of this entry »

CrossFit – The Importance of Finding the Right Trainer

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You can become a certified CrossFit trainer / coach in a weekend. Just because you have a CrossFit certification does not make you a great CrossFit coach. CrossFit has developed a bit of a reputation as an injury prone pursuit which is probably unfair. The stark reality is that there are some CrossFit trainers who are putting their class participants at risk because they are unqualified. CrossFit by nature is a program with a wide range of workout routines and a lot of scope for experienced trainers to enhance it with their own valuable routines and stamp it with their own personal brand. If you are looking at embarking on a CrossFit journey, the most important decision you make will be the box you choose to train at. Read the rest of this entry »

4 CrossFit Exercises You Probably Haven’t Tried but Should

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Anyone who has been doing CrossFit for a while knows that one of the primary foundations behind CrossFit as a concept is to do exercises that are varied so that your body never really gets the chance to learn how to cheat as it is put under stress. Athletes who train for one exercise like cycling or swimming become adept at that exercise because their body learns that muscle movement and develops the muscle groups for that exercise.



Over time and with sufficient training the body learns how to perform that exercise by placing less overall stress on the athlete which can sometimes diminish fitness outcomes. Here are 4 exercises developed by A Sydney CrossFit gym that you probably have not tried and are will deliver great results. Read the rest of this entry »

CrossFit and Nutrition

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One of the most overlooked influences in being a top CrossFit athlete is diet and nutrition. Some athletes seem to think you can exercise a bad diet away. For the very elite CrossFit athletes, diet is as big a part of their regime as the workouts and all of the other physical aspects in CrossFit participation. We asked Sydney CrossFit Trainer Karl Robertson for his views on what he believes constitutes a good CrossFit diet.

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CrossFit and Kids – Is it Beneficial and how young is too young?

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Opinions on the benefits of the crossfit training programme for children and the appropriate age at which children should start training are as contrasting as opinions on education for children. At their most extreme, these views can be as divisive as any of the choices parents will make for development of their children and the activities they choose to pursue.

Crossfit for kids is also widely seen as a very under-developed market within the industry. Given that there are potential commercial opportunities that may unduly influence and cloud the message around the health benefits of this training, crossfit for kids has become a sensitive topic for professionals and parents of would be attendees.

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Finding the Right CrossFit Gym in Sydney

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CrossFit gyms are popping up all over Sydney and you have heard enough to convince you it’s something you would like to do. But what do you need to consider when you are selecting one to join? Remember, not all CrossFit Gyms are created equal so take your time to find the one that is right for you. Here are a few things to look out for:

Equipment – check out the variety of equipment on offer. Are they kept in a reasonable condition? Are they well organised on the floor to allow easy access and do they have enough for all the participants in the class? Is there a good range of equipment to get a total body workout without doing the same exercises every class? Read the rest of this entry »