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5 Times You Were Wrong About CrossFit

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Most of the people who are yet to sign up for a CrossFit program, know it as a fitness discipline designed to make one buff and sculpted in the right places.

There is no denying the fact that CrossFit does involve high-intensity movements like flipping tyres, jumping on boxes, swinging the battle rope, lifting loaded barbells, doing headstands that make you all muscular and toned.

But that’s not how everyone thinks of CrossFit. There are many speculations passed around the program by naysayers which keep a many individual from fulfilling their dream of a well-sculpted body.

It’s time we come clean about CrossFit and know the sport better for ever. Debunked below are some wrong assumptions about CrossFit you need to ignore.

It demands overwhelming variety

While integrating new exercises is paramount to break the monotony and keep yourself excited about your workouts, CrossFit doesn’t call for regular variation.

Rather, it’s more about doing the most effective and intense movements regularly in a variety of ways.

It is cardio-centric

Though CrossFit involves long intense intervals of cardiovascular exercises, a significant part of the long workout sessions is dedicated to strength, bodyweight and gymnastic training.

CrossFitters don’t lift heavy

Many think CrossFitters only do heavy weights and high reps. The truth is CrossFit workouts focus on both light and heavy weight lifting. Also, there are times when CrossFitters would lift the weight that would only let them do one rep max, two rep max or more.

It makes women bulky

Those who are mostly sedentary and haven’t been exposed to weight training ever before, see CrossFit training as undesirable and inappropriate for women.

Know that those women you see lifting heavy weight on the internet who look way too bulky, eat and train professionally and take supplements to look like that. So, if you aren’t training that way and taking supplements and yet lifting heavy, don’t worry about getting bulky.


There are many things naysayers assume and say about CrossFit that don’t make sense and prevent many people from meeting their fitness goals. We would suggest you to not judge CrossFit on the basis of such wrong assumptions and find a reputed CrossFit gym in Sydney to see for yourself what it is exactly like. Hit the gym with realistic goals and put in all your effort and you will definitely spot the change in you.


5 Ways a Personal Trainer Can Make Your CrossFit Training More Fruitful

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Have you even seen movie stars and celebrities using personal trainers and wondered personal training is only a choice for the wealthy?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

CrossFit is an all-encompassing fitness training program that involves vigorous movements and exercises that focus on improving core strength and overall fitness. Anyone from a professional athlete to an individual wanting to lose 50lbs can benefit from personal training.

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Having said that, highlighted below are a few reasons to hire a personal trainer:

  • You work out alone and are bored of your routine
  • You have never worked out in a gym atmosphere before
  • You have been training for a while and can’t see positive results at all
  • You have reached a plateau
  • You are finding it difficult to reach your fitness goals
  • You are engaging in a CrossFit training program for the first time

If any of these situations sound familiar, you are in need of an experienced CrossFit personal trainer.

Even with these potent signs, some people hesitate to adopt personal training. They are unsure if the experience is worth the financial investment or if it is really going to work for their fitness.

The first thing to know is that personal training is an easy, effective and fast way to improve your health and reach you fitness goals. No matter your current fitness status, a CrossFit personal trainer serves as a means to take your fitness to the next level.

Here are some significant benefits of hiring a personal trainer for your CrossFit program that will inspire you to engage in personal training today.

  • You set goals when you start working out in the first place. A personal trainer encourages you to achieve those milestones by training hard and monitoring your progress each step of the way. When you reach your specific goals, they will help you evaluate your performance and establish new goals.


  • Improper exercise form and techniques can not only lead to injuries but cause discouragement that sways you away from your fitness goals. A good trainer will assist you in achieving good balance in your workouts and performing exercises in a safe manner. In case you have pre-existing injuries, you trainer can tailor your CrossFit program so as to get the most out of your strength and mobility.


  • Everyone has their own share of tough times at training sessions. There can be personal issues, work-related stress or just the feeling that you aren’t able to get there, which can cause a great deal of discouragement. A good trainer emerges as strong emotional support through hard times and becomes an constant source of motivation that you desperately need in that situation.

The Final Word

For some people, it is quite challenging (or say almost impossible) to stick to their workout regimen and see results they desire. If you’re one of them, personal training can be of your assistance.

However, finding the right personal trainer is the key here. A qualified trainer will not only make your CrossFit training more effective but help you to be the best you can be at your training sessions and in life.

So, find a good Crossfit gym in Sydney, hire a personal trainer and be the owner of a well-sculpted body that you often fancy in your drams.

CrossFit, Unleash the hidden spark of your energy

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Many of us spend our days tied to a chair or chained to a desk but how many of us care about our bodies craving for hardcore release and exercise? Probably, a few of us. CrossFit gym allows you to escape the shackles of your chair and sweat out the never-ending rat race pressure with passionate, free flowing, fun and intensive workout. With CrossFit training, not only will you achieve greater fitness, weight loss, strength and flexibility but you will find an incredible means to sweat out your day.

Ultimate focus of every professional CrossFit gym is to render a motivating, dynamic environment stuffed with like-minded people of all ages and body types, who are focused to working hard and achieving lasting fitness. Many CrossFit gyms based in Sydney have experienced coaches who don’t just know about CrossFit but they breath it.

Still puzzled about “CROSSFIT”?? let’s have a deeper insight.

CrossFit can be termed as strength building and conditioning system built on constantly changing functional movements performed at high intensity. It’s the art of keeping your body constantly challenged pressurising it to adapt to the tasks at hand, before your body get used to same stimulus.

What process does the CrossFit gyms follow?

CrossFit gyms don’t believe in putting your bodies in unnatural positions by using machines instead they copy real life situations by making use of large muscle groups in aggregation with each other. The workout then gets intensified with as fast as possible completion for the individual whilst maintaining the standards of CrossFit and full range of movement, you are constantly aimed to beat your previous best that acts as a brilliant motivational tool.

What does the CrossFit Concept say?

The simple idea behind CrossFit concept is helping people of all fitness levels improve their quality of life. Community based strength and community fitness programs are run by world class coaches to deliver unparalleled results. CrossFit trainers genuinely care about supporting your fitness journey.

Sneak peek of “Behind the CrossFit Gym’s Door”

  • Warm Up

Just to prepare your body for the session, simple exercises are conducted to practise gently beforehand.

  • Skill of the Day, learning techniques

Capturing wrong moments is as important as exercising right moves. Here the focus of CrossFit gym remains on implementing the right techniques to ensure that you are achieving the CrossFit standards. Idea behind these training sessions is to make you learn the difference between wrong and right movements. Gradually weights and intensity is increased to a level that is bearable for you.

  • Work out session

Weights, times and reps are adjusted to suit the learner. Once you get comfortable with this work out, the intensity of your workout is gradually increased. This session is conducted to keep you progressing in your fitness.

  • Cool Down and stretch

Winding up with light exercise to help body reduce muscle stiffness and soreness, remove muscle waste products, by stretching those muscles that are used during the whole session.

CrossFit sessions are unique in a manner that you will be cued, encouraged and taught throughout planned workout, scaled to meet your abilities. These programs constitute the basis for gaining strength and meeting conditioning goals down the track.

Morning CrossFit Training in Sydney CBD – How to Work It into Your Schedule

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There is nothing quite like the feeling of physical well-being that comes from morning exercise. Several high-profile CEO types and corporate high flyers put much of their success to regular morning exercise and how it sets them up and makes them feel fantastic for the rest of the day. If you are working in the Sydney CBD and you are looking to incorporate CrossFit into your working day, you will know the challenge of juggling a career, being a devoted family contributor and being physically fit all at the same time.

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CrossFit Training and Strength

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The whole concept behind CrossFit is variation and high intensity. If your body has to endure constant variation with strength related exercises performed at a high intensity, it doesn’t get the chance to learn or adapt which will erode the athlete’s performance and overall condition over time.


Developing strength and some muscle mass has always been a core part of the CrossFit philosophy and it makes sense. Exercising with higher muscle mass inevitably makes the body work harder. People trying to lose weight have often reported that some strength training introduced to purely aerobic exercise such as running greatly accelerated their results. Read the rest of this entry »

CrossFit – Getting Back into Your Post – Holiday Routine

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If you are a CrossFit enthusiast and you live in Sydney, chances are you have just come back from a well-earned break and have been asking yourself the best way to get back into your CrossFit regime. Maybe you have gotten a bit too comfortable and are enjoying not putting your body through excessive stress right now. Maybe you keep saying to yourself “this is the week”, but then put it off until “next week”. Getting back into any exercise routine after a long break is hard. Getting back into a vigorous CrossFit program is harder. Here are some tips to get you back into your box as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

CrossFit – Debunking Some of The Myths

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12276782_974075769332008_1046258129_nCrossFit has attracted a lot of attention in the fitness industry since it was incepted and developed over the last few years. Some of the hype has come from new participants who have seen staggering benefits over relatively short periods of time and have then shared the program to family and friends wanting to know what their secret was.

CrossFit has also attracted some negative attention about how easy it is to injure yourself and how it loses muscle mass and strength. Much of the controversy surrounding CrossFit as an exercise is largely a direct result from participants or some instructors misusing the program. Read the rest of this entry »