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5 Times You Were Wrong About CrossFit

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Most of the people who are yet to sign up for a CrossFit program, know it as a fitness discipline designed to make one buff and sculpted in the right places.

There is no denying the fact that CrossFit does involve high-intensity movements like flipping tyres, jumping on boxes, swinging the battle rope, lifting loaded barbells, doing headstands that make you all muscular and toned.

But that’s not how everyone thinks of CrossFit. There are many speculations passed around the program by naysayers which keep a many individual from fulfilling their dream of a well-sculpted body.

It’s time we come clean about CrossFit and know the sport better for ever. Debunked below are some wrong assumptions about CrossFit you need to ignore.

It demands overwhelming variety

While integrating new exercises is paramount to break the monotony and keep yourself excited about your workouts, CrossFit doesn’t call for regular variation.

Rather, it’s more about doing the most effective and intense movements regularly in a variety of ways.

It is cardio-centric

Though CrossFit involves long intense intervals of cardiovascular exercises, a significant part of the long workout sessions is dedicated to strength, bodyweight and gymnastic training.

CrossFitters don’t lift heavy

Many think CrossFitters only do heavy weights and high reps. The truth is CrossFit workouts focus on both light and heavy weight lifting. Also, there are times when CrossFitters would lift the weight that would only let them do one rep max, two rep max or more.

It makes women bulky

Those who are mostly sedentary and haven’t been exposed to weight training ever before, see CrossFit training as undesirable and inappropriate for women.

Know that those women you see lifting heavy weight on the internet who look way too bulky, eat and train professionally and take supplements to look like that. So, if you aren’t training that way and taking supplements and yet lifting heavy, don’t worry about getting bulky.


There are many things naysayers assume and say about CrossFit that don’t make sense and prevent many people from meeting their fitness goals. We would suggest you to not judge CrossFit on the basis of such wrong assumptions and find a reputed CrossFit gym in Sydney to see for yourself what it is exactly like. Hit the gym with realistic goals and put in all your effort and you will definitely spot the change in you.