CrossFit Training Glossary

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Speaking to any Crossfit devotee almost requires you learn a whole new language. But if you don’t want to show yourself as a novice when you walk into a box (read on if you don’t know what that means) then get yourself acquainted with the vernacular. Following is a list of common abbreviations that you will hear all across Sydney Crossfit gyms.

AMRAP – As Many Rounds (or Reps) As Possible to be performed within a set amount of time.

ATG – Ass to Grass. Used to describe a full Depth Squat. Read the rest of this entry »


Isn’t CrossFit the Ideal Training System You Have Been Looking For All Your Life?

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There’s been a lot of hype around CrossFit for mostly good reasons.

Over the years, the high-intensity body and strength training system has gained much popularity amongst fitness experts and enthusiasts, professional athletes, personal trainers and doctors.


The simplest answer is that this body conditioning and training discipline serves as a fast and effective alternative to fancy workout programs that come at great costs and with trivial results.

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Is it High Time for You to Hire a Personal Trainer?

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“Hiring a personal trainer is a service for the elites or a well off practice.”

This is what most of us believe. However, contrary to this common idea, personal trainers today specialise in all forms of health and fitness and come in a variety of price points.

You don’t have to shell out way too many dollars to get in shape and reach your fitness goals using the help of a personal trainer.

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