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How to Keep CrossFit Injuries to a Minimum

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CrossFit is a high intensity training program designed to condition your body, improve muscular endurance and total body strength through a selective range of cardiovascular, weightlifting and gymnastics movements.

However, what accounts for CrossFit’s immense worldwide popularity as a fitness regimen has led to an increase in CrossFit-related injuries.

Just like any other sport, CrossFit has its own share of risk. And the most significant is the possibility for injury. A lot of people, particularly beginners and amateurs, end up injuring themselves while doing their CrossFit workouts due to a number of reasons including overtraining, improper form or absence of a professional spotter.

Though you may not eliminate injuries altogether from your workout but you can sure decrease the likelihood of injuries caused by improper training. Read on to know how.

Hey there, let’s warm up first!

Do not, we repeat, do not jump straight to your routine workout without some kind of dynamic warm up. Though your CrossFit trainer will always ask you to perform a few light movements to warm up your body prior to high intensity exercises, make sure you don’t miss out on warm ups in case you don’t have a trainer around.

A good warm-up including gentles stretches, push-ups and pullups and bodyweight squats will prepare your muscles for intense training ahead while preventing strains or other injuries.

Know your limits

A lean, muscular body doesn’t come easy. While you will need to push yourself hard to gain muscles, it is important to know how far you can go and be careful not to go beyond.

It takes time to build muscles and being consistent is the key. Pushing your body far beyond your limits to speed up muscle building won’t help and would rather give you injuries that will only set your back.

Following the abovementioned tips will help you avoid CrossFit injuries and inconvenient setbacks that occur as a result of injury. Moreover, choosing the right Sydney CrossFit centre and CrossFit Trainer will also go a long way to keep workout injuries to a minimum.


Progression? Set your Goals first for CrossFit

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CrossFit offers a fantastic pathway for enabling people become the best version of themselves. People who do CrossFit will tell you how it has transformed their lives, the way they feel and look and what a great community they have gained to train with. Those who walk into a CrossFit gym may have different goals but a common theme will be a desire to get better. This objective of CrossFitters is applauded by pros in CrossFit, according to them they have already done infinitely more than the most gym going population.

The inevitable question about progression and skill development arises once you start with CrossFit. The answer to this will depend entirely on what your objectives are. Everyone that comes into a CrossFit gym wants to get fitter and stronger and CrossFit gyms help you achieve this objective effectively in a safe and constructive environment.

Why train at CrossFit Gym?

Sydney CrossFit gym trainers take training personally and provide a unique approach to training that nobody else offers. Dedicated trainers are there to help you achieve your fitness and functional body goals. CrossFit gyms provide:

  1. Unmatched training environment where people inspire and encourage each other no matter their level of experience.
  2. Trainers who will match your commitment and endeavour and therefore, who will commit to you.
  3. A training ethos that focuses the significance of working on your weakness as well as your strengths thereby forging a fitness which is functional.
  4. Trainers who train hard themselves before giving you training lessons, trainers who strive for knowledge and experience.
  5. Trainers who will teach you correct technique and so, you will be constantly challenged to find intensity.
  6. Effective programming consistent with the CrossFit methods to challenge even the fittest.

Bottom Line

CrossFit is a great concept for getting strong, fit and healthy. You need to respect the CrossFit process and not cheat it to progress in a linear and safe fashion. CrossFit is a journey where you need to be consciously aware of where you are at present, where you want to go and how best to get there.

Women and CrossFit

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You hear a lot of hype around CrossFit and how it has changed various people’s approach to exercise and how it has had such a positive impact on their life, but rarely are these stories about women. This article examines the possible benefits that CrossFit could deliver to the female participant and whether the CrossFit program has any real advantage, or disadvantage to any other exercise framework.

Sydney CrossFit gym, CrossFit 2010 actively targets females in their marketing campaigns and boasts a 50% female membership, which is rare for any box. So why would women looking to change their exercise strategy, or commence a new regime consider CrossFit?
Here are some of the reasons why you should consider CrossFit if you are a woman: Read the rest of this entry »