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CrossFit Workouts for every beginner

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You’ve probably heard of CrossFit many times and ready to pull the trigger on a CrossFit gym membership. Entering CrossFit box can be nerve wracking when the only thing you know about the program comes from your CrossFit obsessed officemate.

CrossFit is an intense cross-training exercise program that demonstrates hardcore feats of strength and endurance by combining varied exercises into diverse fitness routines called Workouts of the Day (WODs). When you walk into your new CrossFit box, WOD is the first thing you will notice. WOD is what you will remember throughout your journey towards fitness. These workouts involve constantly varied, high intensity functional movements that are devised to make you better and stronger.

Cross Fitters usually devote somewhere between 20 to 40 minutes per day on a WOD. It is not essential to do the same routines in the same week. For instance, in Monday’s workout of the day, you might do 20 lunges, 15 sit-ups and run half a mile, completing as many repetitions as possible (another lingo of CrossFit, abbreviated as AMRAP) in a certain amount of time. You might like to do 10 sit-ups, 5 pull-ups, and swim 5 laps AMRAP in your Tuesday’s WOD.

You should not get intimidated by experienced superhuman CrossFitters who compete in CrossFit games. It’s quite easy to get started with CrossFit. Anyone with urge to improve his or health can enrol for CrossFit training. You can begin with simple, light WODs and progress to harder ones.

CrossFit Exercises

Interestingly, CrossFit focuses on 10 vital physical qualities: Cardio/respiratory endurance, stamina, power, strength, accuracy, Flexibility, agility, speed, coordination, and balance. This simply means CrossFit allows you to indulge in a whole bunch of different exercises in different disciplines, working as many parts of your body as possible. Ultimately the goal of CrossFit training is to make your body as fit as possible. It trains your body to be ready for anything. In fact, if you attend CrossFit classes, you will not inevitably know what kind of workouts are ahead of you. To better integrate you, here’s everything you need to know some of the disciplines CrossFitters focuses on and the principle exercises for each:

  • Calisthenics for strength, balance, flexibility and Coordination: Sit-ups, push-ups, Pull-ups, knee bends, jumping jacks, crunches, squats.


  • Aerobic for cardio/respiratory endurance, stamina: Walking, running, swimming, jumping rope, rowing, cycling.


  • Olympic Weightlifting for strength: Snatch, clean and jerk.


  • Strongman events for developing strength: Farmer’s carry, yoke carry


  • Powerlifting for building power: Deadlifts, Squats, bench press.


  • Gymnastics for flexibility, agility, coordination, strength, balance, accuracy: Rope climbing, Handstands, trampoline, tumbling, still rings.


  • Plyometrics for speed and power: Squat jumps, burpees, lateral jumps, box jumps


  • Miscellaneous: Kettlebell, medicine balls, wall ball.



You can’t perform these exercises at home, you need to join a gym or other specialised facility that has the necessary equipment. If you want to ace this sport, you should join a CrossFit affiliated gym in Sydney. CrossFit affiliated gyms have CrossFit certified trainers to guide you through the routine.


How to Keep CrossFit Injuries to a Minimum

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CrossFit is a high intensity training program designed to condition your body, improve muscular endurance and total body strength through a selective range of cardiovascular, weightlifting and gymnastics movements.

However, what accounts for CrossFit’s immense worldwide popularity as a fitness regimen has led to an increase in CrossFit-related injuries.

Just like any other sport, CrossFit has its own share of risk. And the most significant is the possibility for injury. A lot of people, particularly beginners and amateurs, end up injuring themselves while doing their CrossFit workouts due to a number of reasons including overtraining, improper form or absence of a professional spotter.

Though you may not eliminate injuries altogether from your workout but you can sure decrease the likelihood of injuries caused by improper training. Read on to know how.

Hey there, let’s warm up first!

Do not, we repeat, do not jump straight to your routine workout without some kind of dynamic warm up. Though your CrossFit trainer will always ask you to perform a few light movements to warm up your body prior to high intensity exercises, make sure you don’t miss out on warm ups in case you don’t have a trainer around.

A good warm-up including gentles stretches, push-ups and pullups and bodyweight squats will prepare your muscles for intense training ahead while preventing strains or other injuries.

Know your limits

A lean, muscular body doesn’t come easy. While you will need to push yourself hard to gain muscles, it is important to know how far you can go and be careful not to go beyond.

It takes time to build muscles and being consistent is the key. Pushing your body far beyond your limits to speed up muscle building won’t help and would rather give you injuries that will only set your back.

Following the abovementioned tips will help you avoid CrossFit injuries and inconvenient setbacks that occur as a result of injury. Moreover, choosing the right Sydney CrossFit centre and CrossFit Trainer will also go a long way to keep workout injuries to a minimum.

Top three reasons that will make you obsessed with CrossFit

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Have you ever wondered why some people throw themselves into their chosen ordeal and do CrossFit?

CrossFit – The high intensity fitness training that mixes Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, sprints, calisthenics, polymerics and a few hard to categorize sports like rope climbing. The appeal of CrossFit works on the foundation that the workouts should be short, intense and constantly changing. CrossFit discourages long, monotonous, and unsatisfying workouts.

CrossFit craze is undoubtedly huge among fitness enthusiasts, they do it for three reasons.

  1. Physical result

High intensity exercise yields unimaginable results that benefits your body in many ways. Human growth hormone and other essential compounds cascade into the blood of people who lift heavy weights and perform high intensity workouts. These hormones then signal the body to build muscles and burn fat.

  1. Increased Joint mobility

When you’re doing CrossFit, you are indulging yourself in a program that mixes several different exercises that push every part of your body to their limits.  You are moving your limbs in different directions and not just doing simple bicep curls. CrossFit teaches you different techniques of lifting heavy weights off the floor and hold them overhead, by doing this your risk of injury in everyday life decreases significantly.

  1. Community

CrossFit is not about competition only. Every Cross fitter goes through the work outs together which in turn helps in creating incredibly strong bonds. Doing workouts with a dozen of people and shared sufferings bind a group of people. Many Cross Fitters feel the primal magic in going physically out with others and together releasing all the energy out on the floor.

The Bottom Line

CrossFit is beneficial for those who are ready to regulate their own workout routines and are confident that they will act responsibly in the process. If you are entirely new to muscle development and physical fitness, you should carefully analyse all options before deciding which CrossFit box to attend. If you are aware of safety techniques and have gained experience with fitness routines, CrossFit will add several distinct advantages and add boundless strength in you.

Push the bar and make your routine a little more intense with CrossFit Workout

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CrossFit emerged from a small gym about two decades ago, and it has been growing like a weed ever since. The workout program that deals with constantly varying functional movements performed at high intensity has swept the world, and doesn’t appear to be vanishing ever. CrossFit works for everyone and prepares trainees for any unknown contingency. The aim of every CrossFit training program is to forge general and inclusive fitness supported by observable, measurable results.

CrossFit workouts have inspired many as they are full of interesting combinations, tools, and challenges that could help anyone get a new stimulus to grow. One of the best features of CrossFit is that it is for all shapes and sizes and workouts can be modified, weight and time can be altered for beginners.

Let’s talk about the best CrossFit workouts that works best for beginners

Baseline, EMOM, AMRAP, Chipper and Benchmark, none of these workouts involve barbell, it’s vital for beginners to establish the cardiovascular base required for intense fast paced workouts.

  • Baseline
    This workout is required to establish a baseline for your performance. It includes 500 meters Row, 20 Air squats, 20 push-ups, 20 sit ups. Checkout your performance throughout your training to see if you are improving with time or not.
  • EMOM (Every minute, on the minute)
    Set a 15 minutes timer and at the beginning of each minute, practice the following movements in succession.
    – 3Burpees
    – 5 toes-to-bar
  • AMRAP (As many Reps/Rounds as possible)
    In 15 minutes’ duration, you should perform as many rounds as possible of the following sequence.
    – 200 meter run
    – 10 pull ups
    – 10 wall balls
  • Half Cindy
    One of the hardest WODs in CrossFit that looks easy but gets utterly exhausting fast. It is scheduled for 20 mins but beginners can perform this for 10 minutes on their first time.
    – 10 push ups
    – 15 squats
    – 5 Pull ups

If you are not aware of how to reap benefits of CrossFit’s high intensity workouts, you should try out a CrossFit class or may be join a CrossFit in Sydney, CBD. First and foremost, you need CrossFit gym with experienced coaches who are well trained and hands on with their advice during the workouts. Before initiating any of these workouts, complete warmup is needed like a long run, a couple rounds of jumping jacks, a 500-meter row, five minutes on a stationary bike, air squats and lunges etc. This should be followed with some static and dynamic stretching which should focus on the muscles you will be using in that workout. Long stretch and foam rolling should be done in with finishing of each workout.

Note- Remember improvement depends on the individual’s potential and urge to push the bar, every individual must work his way up in this sport to achieve the desired results.

CrossFit – Getting Back into Your Post – Holiday Routine

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If you are a CrossFit enthusiast and you live in Sydney, chances are you have just come back from a well-earned break and have been asking yourself the best way to get back into your CrossFit regime. Maybe you have gotten a bit too comfortable and are enjoying not putting your body through excessive stress right now. Maybe you keep saying to yourself “this is the week”, but then put it off until “next week”. Getting back into any exercise routine after a long break is hard. Getting back into a vigorous CrossFit program is harder. Here are some tips to get you back into your box as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

CrossFit – The Importance of Finding the Right Trainer

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You can become a certified CrossFit trainer / coach in a weekend. Just because you have a CrossFit certification does not make you a great CrossFit coach. CrossFit has developed a bit of a reputation as an injury prone pursuit which is probably unfair. The stark reality is that there are some CrossFit trainers who are putting their class participants at risk because they are unqualified. CrossFit by nature is a program with a wide range of workout routines and a lot of scope for experienced trainers to enhance it with their own valuable routines and stamp it with their own personal brand. If you are looking at embarking on a CrossFit journey, the most important decision you make will be the box you choose to train at. Read the rest of this entry »

CrossFit – Debunking Some of The Myths

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12276782_974075769332008_1046258129_nCrossFit has attracted a lot of attention in the fitness industry since it was incepted and developed over the last few years. Some of the hype has come from new participants who have seen staggering benefits over relatively short periods of time and have then shared the program to family and friends wanting to know what their secret was.

CrossFit has also attracted some negative attention about how easy it is to injure yourself and how it loses muscle mass and strength. Much of the controversy surrounding CrossFit as an exercise is largely a direct result from participants or some instructors misusing the program. Read the rest of this entry »