CrossFit Training and Strength

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The whole concept behind CrossFit is variation and high intensity. If your body has to endure constant variation with strength related exercises performed at a high intensity, it doesn’t get the chance to learn or adapt which will erode the athlete’s performance and overall condition over time.


Developing strength and some muscle mass has always been a core part of the CrossFit philosophy and it makes sense. Exercising with higher muscle mass inevitably makes the body work harder. People trying to lose weight have often reported that some strength training introduced to purely aerobic exercise such as running greatly accelerated their results. CrossFit was designed to be that perfect balance between strength and athletic fitness. Some bodybuilders who are focused only on muscle gain may struggle to run or ride a bike a short distance without collapsing in fatigue which are not the results most people are looking for when they enrol in any exercise class. If and when you decide to try CrossFit and enjoy the benefits that this sort of CrossFit training can deliver, you would be wise to consider and keep in mind the following points:

Strength Training Without Correct Form Is Asking for Injuries.

CrossFit has earned a multi-faceted reputation. One of the myths being falsely promoted in certain sectors of the health and fitness industry is that CrossFit is very injury prone. The reality of this myth is that there are some unqualified CrossFit trainers out there that promote poor form when executing weight lifting exercises in their WOD. This results in injuries. These injuries can be especially serious if they are neck or back related. When you engage in any weight lifting related exercise as part of your CrossFit WOD, you should follow two important principles.

  1. Start with light weight and increase this only gradually.
  2. Always keep your form strict.

If you use perform lifting exercises with excessive weight or you use incorrect technique, you will regret it. If you join a CrossFit box where these principles are not followed, the join another box immediately. Your own personal safety is too important to risk with a poor CrossFit trainer.

The Randomness of The WOD Sometimes Makes It Difficult to Assess Progress.

There might be a period of potentially one month or more between doing the same exercise twice in your WOD. So assessing your progress in this particular exercise might be difficult. You need to remember that the whole purpose behind the CrossFit methodology is broad holistic strength and fitness without giving your body the chance to cheat by adapting to regular functional movements. If you are going to assess your progress, use some more general benchmarks for assessment rather than improvements in any single exercise.

Tune Your Reps to Suit Your Outcomes.

Obviously, the first thing you want to do before you embark on any exercise regime is to know what you want to get out of it before you start. If you are looking for a bigger strength focus, you will be looking for heavier weights with fewer reps. If you are looking for more of a fat-burning or endurance type of outcome, you will be looking for higher repetitions and less weight. As mentioned before, manage the weight you lift very carefully to avoid injury.

Include Flexibility.

Whether your CrossFit box include these or not, you should include regular stretching exercise as a part of your overall program. Stretching and flexibility exercise greatly reduce the possibility of injuries and will also improve your strength gains if applied correctly.


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