CrossFit – Getting Back into Your Post – Holiday Routine

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If you are a CrossFit enthusiast and you live in Sydney, chances are you have just come back from a well-earned break and have been asking yourself the best way to get back into your CrossFit regime. Maybe you have gotten a bit too comfortable and are enjoying not putting your body through excessive stress right now. Maybe you keep saying to yourself “this is the week”, but then put it off until “next week”. Getting back into any exercise routine after a long break is hard. Getting back into a vigorous CrossFit program is harder. Here are some tips to get you back into your box as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Pick A Date.

And stick to it. Choose this date carefully and make sure there are no social events clustered around it. Make this date the one where you finally haul yourself back to the CrossFit box and follow it up with successive sessions quickly. Now you are back into a routine.

Align Your First Date Back with Training Partners.

If you trained last year, chances are you train with a few friends already. Time your first session back to coincide with theirs. You will have a much greater chance of not putting that first session off if you are meeting and training with other people.

Set Clear Goals for Your First Month.

Make this goals achievable and make them short term. Check each goal off as you go and you will feel like you are making real progress.

Don’t Overdo It.

Don’t kill your comeback with an injury and don’t make yourself feel so terrible you won’t want to follow it up with another session. Remember that after a long break you lose significant performance. Be sensible and ease back into it. You can go hard once you feel like you have that rhythm again.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Make sure you get plenty of rest, even after just a moderate workout. Remember that your body will be functioning a little differently now and needs good sleep to recover. If possible, even go to bed a little earlier when you start to train so you feel ultra-fresh the next day. This can be very motivating, especially if you train in the mornings.

Give Up the Alcohol for A While.

One less excess will help you get back into your routine and will also help your body adjust a little more easily. This will also help keep the extra kilos off while you shed the Christmas turkey. You will recover more quickly and see better short term results which will encourage you to go a bit harder and feel like it is worth it. Don’t even think about smoking.


This will help injury prevention and ease your body back into condition more quickly. Try to stretch at least once a day when you are getting back into a routine and make sure you are warm first. If you don’t want to do a quick high intensity cardio session to get warm, then try a long hot bath first and ease into your stretches slowly. You will be surprised of the benefit of a supplementary stretching program while you are getting back into your CrossFit.


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