Women and CrossFit

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You hear a lot of hype around CrossFit and how it has changed various people’s approach to exercise and how it has had such a positive impact on their life, but rarely are these stories about women. This article examines the possible benefits that CrossFit could deliver to the female participant and whether the CrossFit program has any real advantage, or disadvantage to any other exercise framework.

Sydney CrossFit gym, CrossFit 2010 actively targets females in their marketing campaigns and boasts a 50% female membership, which is rare for any box. So why would women looking to change their exercise strategy, or commence a new regime consider CrossFit?
Here are some of the reasons why you should consider CrossFit if you are a woman:

It Is One of The Most Effective Forms of Weight Loss.

Weight loss isn’t really the key driver for genuine CrossFit trainees. They are more interested in improvements in strength and performance, but amazing weight loss just occurs as a part of this training and you see results a lot quicker than you might a dedicated weight loss program due to the nature of the training and the level of intensity in the workouts. CrossFit wasn’t originally designed specifically for weight loss, but it may as well have been because (combined with the right nutrition program) it is one of the most powerful methods for losing weight.

Most CrossFit Gyms Are Female Friendly or Trying Very Hard to Be.

Any health and fitness centre not going out of their way to actively encourage female membership aren’t being very smart, and more to the point probably won’t be in business that long. If you are nervous about starting, you shouldn’t be. Shop around and find the right environment for yourself. You will find that when you are looking around for the right CrossFit box, being female will actually be an advantage. Most CrossFit boxes will be falling over themselves to recruit a woman, because it promotes them being female friendly, which will ultimately increase their membership. If you feel you aren’t being fairly treated at any gym as a result of your gender, then vote with your feet. There will be plenty of other CrossFit boxes welcoming you with open arms.

Focus on Form.

CrossFit trainers (at least the good ones) direct a lot of energy towards developing correct exercise form, especially when it comes to any kind of strength related training or training with weights. CrossFit boxes don’t want injuries and take any sort of injury seriously. If you are a CrossFit trainer and people get injured in your classes, then you lose them as customers while they are being rehabilitated. Often you will lose them as a customer permanently. Also, if you start having more injuries than usual, you will get a reputation for being a shonky operator and probably won’t be in business for very long. Learning correct form is the best way to prevent injury and to get the most out of any exercise. CrossFit will teach you correct form and will also probably enhance your performance in any other sport you might be training in.

You Will Look and Feel Great.

One of the key incentives for women to exercise is to look good. CrossFit will have you looking spectacular. You will be able to fit into all of those clothes you want to wear now, but can’t squeeze into. You will melt away body fat in all of those areas you want to lose it. You will build more muscle mass and strength with a nice female athletic look. You will feel better than you have ever felt in your life.

CrossFit is often seen as a male oriented exercise like boxing, or weight-lifting, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. CrossFit has very many benefits that prospective female participants are actively searching for in fad diets or alternative exercise programs. If this describes your profile, then you should at least give CrossFit a try. Most gyms will let you try it for free for a while before committing.


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