CrossFit – The Importance of Finding the Right Trainer

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You can become a certified CrossFit trainer / coach in a weekend. Just because you have a CrossFit certification does not make you a great CrossFit coach. CrossFit has developed a bit of a reputation as an injury prone pursuit which is probably unfair. The stark reality is that there are some CrossFit trainers who are putting their class participants at risk because they are unqualified. CrossFit by nature is a program with a wide range of workout routines and a lot of scope for experienced trainers to enhance it with their own valuable routines and stamp it with their own personal brand. If you are looking at embarking on a CrossFit journey, the most important decision you make will be the box you choose to train at. Sydney CrossFit trainer Karl Robertson advises to keep the following things in mind when you do your research.

No Two CrossFit Boxes Are the Same

Most CrossFit boxes will give you a free trial period. You should use this to help determine which one suits you best. You should disregard any boxes that don’t offer a free trial and you should feel free to ask for the trainers’ qualifications, credentials and experience. It is your health and physical well-being that is being put on the line. You have every right to ensure that you are not being put at risk by poor operators.

Many Boxes Incorporate Strength Training

Strength training, while beneficial, carries slightly more risk of injury than other exercises. A good indicator of the quality of your CrossFit coach will be their attention to form. Focus on correct form will maximise the benefit you get out of CrossFit and will also lessen the likelihood of injury. If you get the sense that your coach is cavalier with form or that form is not addressed in any strength related workout, then find a different box.

An Empathetic Trainer Is a Good Trainer

A good CrossFit trainer knows his class, their weaknesses and strengths, their physical limits and what WOD’s should be included for their collective needs. New people join and leave CrossFit boxes all of the time, so trainers get used to participant churn and can sometimes lose enthusiasm in personalising their regimes for the audience. You should be up front if you have any long term injuries or conditions that might exclude you from some particular exercises (e.g chin-ups with bad elbow tendonitis is probably not a great idea). A good trainer will take these into consideration when building the program. If you have a trainer who ignores your needs or your health constraints, then vote with your feet.

CrossFit Trainers Should Have Good Experience in Every Discipline They Include in Their Program

If your CrossFit trainer include kettlebell work in their workouts, then they should be experienced in this field of fitness training. Because CrossFit is inherently a multi-disciplinary program, the trainers should have good experience in ALL aspects of the program they run. The best trainers will constantly seek improvement in all disciplines they train in and focus on the highest risk activities first. Any trainer that includes exercises they are not qualified to teach is being negligent and putting you at risk.

There might be other factors (such as social) that will influence your choice of CrossFit box, but ultimately you are there to train and improve your fitness without injury. Make sure that the quality of the trainers is your first objective in choosing your CrossFit box.


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