4 CrossFit Exercises You Probably Haven’t Tried but Should

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Anyone who has been doing CrossFit for a while knows that one of the primary foundations behind CrossFit as a concept is to do exercises that are varied so that your body never really gets the chance to learn how to cheat as it is put under stress. Athletes who train for one exercise like cycling or swimming become adept at that exercise because their body learns that muscle movement and develops the muscle groups for that exercise.



Over time and with sufficient training the body learns how to perform that exercise by placing less overall stress on the athlete which can sometimes diminish fitness outcomes. Here are 4 exercises developed by A Sydney CrossFit gym that you probably have not tried and are will deliver great results.

The chin-up crunch.

This exercise is a slight variation on the chin-up, but boy is it effective. You can add this into any chin-up routine regardless of grip, hand position or arm width. It is essentially an abdominal crunch at the same time the chin-up is performed. While you are in an upward motion, raise your knees to your chest all in one dynamic movement. The harder you pull with your arms, the more upwards acceleration there will be and hence the harder the strain on your abdominal. Because you are working more of the body, it adds even more intensity than any other chin-up exercise.

The head stand.

Yes, seriously. Take a minute to think about it, the shaolin monks have been employing this exercise it for centuries with great benefit. Just try to think about it as a vertical plank. This exercise is for intermediate and advance athletes and should not be performed by anyone with neck or back problems. Place your hands and forehead on the ground to make a triangle and use this to balance and slowly lift your feet of the ground and into the air. Focus on improving your balance as you develop this exercise and hold the position for as long as you can. Use the strength in your arms and shoulders to reduce the stress in your neck. At first you will only be able to hold it for a couple of minutes, but as you get better you will be able to hold it for longer.

The squat jump.

Stand with your feet about 30-50 cm apart and start this exercise just by performing a normal squat. Instead of just finishing the squat exercise by pushing with your legs to move back into the starting position, push as hard as you can and jump into the air as high as you can while raising your knees as high as you can. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can without passing out, Make sure you focus on your form the whole time and use it as an exercise to improve balance. When you land go into the next squat by using your legs to resist the downward squat motion.

One armed and legged plank variations.

Instead of just planking normally, try it with one arm behind your back or in the air. Do the same with one foot in the air. Mix these variations and try one foot and one hand and do this with different combinations of your left and right foot.

Incorporate these exercises into the rest of your workout routine along with your usual exercises. All of these are designed to develop posture, strength, balance and flexibility. Good Luck.


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