The Power of the CrossFit Community

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Ask any personal trainer what the biggest threat to an individual getting themselves into peak physical shape and the most common answer you will hear will be motivation. It is hard to get motivated to train if the only person who needs to stick to the regime is yourself. More to the point when you are starting to train hard and place your body under stress, unless you are a particular type of person who thrives on this physical discomfort, it is also easier to slack off and not train as hard. The only person watching you and judging you is yourself.

CrossFit in Sydney has a thriving community. There are CrossFit boxes scattered throughout the CDB and the suburbs. There are a number of local forums that CrossFit participants can use as resources for information on training, share experiences and get medical advice. More to the point, it is growing. It is estimated that around 40,000 people in Sydney alone use CrossFit as their primary source for physical conditioning and well-being and that number has been growing at around 10% per year, every year. This represents the fastest growing health and fitness regime in the country and there are some good reasons as to why this has happened.

Physical Results

Due to the nature of the exercise, the physical results that people obtain in a short period of time are stunning. The high intensity aspect will literally attack body fat and so for people who are carrying excess weight, the visual differences between before and after 3 months of training are spectacular. Incorporate the strength training and this rapid weight loss is further accentuated by a noticeable change in body shape and physique. Friends and family notice these results and are interested in how they come about, hence the proliferation of the regime and the expansion of the CrossFit movement. Other people see the results and they want to try it.  A large factor in these results is that people a motivate each other to train. They enjoy the social aspect of the training and so it is much easier to actually go to the classes (the first motivational challenge), but once they are there, they generally train harder. People train harder in groups or with a trainer than they do themselves.

Program Retention

If you enjoy training and all of the positive physical benefits that a regular program brings, why would you give it up? One of the main influences that cause anyone to quit trying a new exercise routine is lack of results. People try a new exercise program and don’t see much of a result in the short term and it makes it easy to quit. “This exercise just doesn’t work for me”. Because with CrossFit, the participant sees the results quickly, the more likely they are to stay in the program. The longer they stay in the program, the stronger the other pull factors become. The friendships, the familiarity, the continued physical progress and the variation of the workouts all make the retention for CrossFit for those participants that get through the first 3 months much higher.

The Pursuit of Excellence

The WOD is an interesting concept. Rather than repeat a handful of exercises that your body learns, punish it by making it do something new every day you train. The beauty of CrossFit is that it is never the same. This is great from a variation perspective. You never get bored having the same workout over and over again, so it lessens the mental challenge that other athletes have to go through. Sydney swimmer Ian Thorpe once said that swimming training was as exciting as sticking your head in a bucket for 6 hours every day. The physical challenge, however, is amplified. Your body doesn’t get to cheat as it innately learns how to perform exercise more efficiently. This ensures that every training session is a hard training session.

The trainers at CrossFit 2010 are ready to guide you through the first part of your CrossFit journey if you live in Sydney and think it could be for you.


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