The Real Benefits of CrossFit

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We all know that person. You know, the one who has immersed themselves in CrossFit training and just can’t seem to talk about anything else other than how it has changed their lives. CrossFit is now the fastest growing exercise trend in Sydney and it deserves at least some cursory exploration into the benefits its members enjoy and why they have to tell everyone about it.

It is a highly effective calorie assassin

Many scientific studies have shown that on average, a CrossFit trainer will burn the same calories as the most intensive physical exercise regimes, such as rowing sprints or interval training. This means that participants looking for weight loss will see dramatic results in short periods of time and they won’t need to spend as much time working out if their lifestyle leaves them time poor.

Each CrossFit gym (Box) is different and people who want to participate in genuine CrossFit training should do their own research into the exercise regime and assess each gym for authenticity, but the results are clear. Those who are looking for weight loss will find it with CrossFit.

It will increase your flexibility

The types of human movement you will experience will be varied each day as you typically compete a different workout each day (WOD). With this diverse range of movements will come increased flexibility. For best results, apply a 20-minute stretching routine at the end of your workout.

Many new CrossFit participants report modest improvements in their mobility after only a few months and say that this physical capability provides them with a lot more confidence in their own body.

It complements other sporting activities beautifully.

Apart from the weight loss benefits, CrossFit promotes strength, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility so members report amazing advances in other sporting pursuits such as tennis, football or even golf. Boxing Trainers for years used the idea of ‘cross-training’ as they were aware of how much physical fitness it accounted for in a sport where your level of fitness plays such a critical factor in the sport. With some sports, your body very easily ‘learns’ the movements and subconsciously applies them with increasing efficiency, so two things happen as the athlete becomes more proficient in this sport. First, performance increases as the body makes the human movements associated with this sport more economical and, second, this increasing efficiency puts less stress on the athletes’ body – it become less of a workout. If you take a look at the exercise regimes of any professional athlete, they are including cross training and strength as they know how much of advantage it will give them against their opponent. CrossFit is essentially this principal structured as a full blown exercise program.

It leverages the power of the team

This aspect is so important but is so often overlooked. The biggest factor in someone not working out regularly or disengaging in a strong workout program is lack of motivation which is so much more common if you choose to work put on your own. You are much more likely to keep up your fitness activities if you are doing it as part of a team and have other people around you with similar interests and help provide that motivation that only comes when you are part of a team. CrossFit gives you the best of both worlds, Individual focus and physical development with the approach and spirit of a team.


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