CrossFit Training Glossary

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Speaking to any Crossfit devotee almost requires you learn a whole new language. But if you don’t want to show yourself as a novice when you walk into a box (read on if you don’t know what that means) then get yourself acquainted with the vernacular. Following is a list of common abbreviations that you will hear all across Sydney Crossfit gyms.

AMRAP – As Many Rounds (or Reps) As Possible to be performed within a set amount of time.

ATG – Ass to Grass. Used to describe a full Depth Squat.

Box – Crossfit gyms are typically referred to as a ‘Box’.

BJ – Box Jump

BP – Bench Press

BS – Back Squat

BW (or BWT) – Body Weight

CF Games – An annual Crossfit competition designed to find the World’s Fittest Man & Woman.

CFHQ – CrossFit Head Quarters

CFT – CrossFit Total. The sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, the press and the deadlift.

CLN – Clean. Examples include Hang Clean, Power Clean, Squat Clean.

CTB (or C2B) – Chest to Bar. Used to describe a Pullup.

C&J – Clean and Jerk.

CU – Chin Up.

DB – Dumbbell

DL – Deadlift

DNF – Did Not Finish. Given when athletes do not finish the allocated work in the given amount time in their WOD.

DNS – Did Not Start. Given when athletes do not attempt their WOD.

DU’s – Double Unders. When jumping rope, this term is used to describe two turns of the rope in one jump.

EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute. When you are required to perform an exercise at the beginning of every minute for the prescribed amount of time.

Fire Breather – A term used to describe an elite level CrossFit athlete.

FS – Front Squat

Girls – A series of Benchmark Workouts created by CFHQ have been given Girls names for easy reference and are universally known among the CrossFit community.

GPP – General Physical Preparedness. Aka ‘Fitness’.

Heroes – A Hero workout is a Benchmark Workout that is particularly difficult named after a real life Hero in honour of a Military, Law Enforcement or Firefighter that has fallen in the line of duty.

HSPU – Hand Stand Push Up. When you perform a Push-Up whilst doing a Handstand (you may use a wall for balance if needed).

KB – Kettleball

KTE (or K2E) – Knees to Elbows.

ME – Maximum Effort. When you perform an exercise with Maximum Effort or Intensity.

Metcon – An abbreviation of Metabolic Conditioning usually used to measure an athletes’ performance in time, round and / or reps.

MP – Military Press

MU – Muscle Ups. A combination of a pull up and a dip when you are hanging from the rings.

PC – Power Clean

Pd – An abbreviation for Pood which is the weight measurement that is used for Kettleballs.

PJ – Push Jerk

PP – Push Press

PR – Personal Record

PSN – Power Snatch

PU – Pull-Ups or Push-Ups depending on the context.

Rep – Repetition. One performance of an exercise.

RM – Repetition Maximum. The Maximum you can do in one Repetition, for example your 1RM is the Maximum lift you can do for 1 Repetition.

ROM – Range of Motion

Rx – As prescribed, when you perform the WOD without any adjustments.

Set – A group or number of repetitions.

SJ – Split Jerk

SN – Snatch

SP –Shoulder Press

SPP – Specific Physical Preparedness, aka ‘Skill Training’.

SQ – Squat

Subbed – Substituted. When you substitute one exercise that you can do for an exercise that you can’t do.

TTB (or T2B) – Toes to Bar. When you are hanging from the bar, bend at the waist and raise your toes to touch the bar. Slowly lower then repeat.

WO (or W/O) – Workout

WOD – Workout of the Day.


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